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I am a Staff Engineer in Qualcomm's Product Security Initiative. We work with Qualcomm engineers to produce secure designs for new features and protocols, and then again to review existing implementations and react to security incidents. I am the team lead for the threat modelling team; we are tasked with training Qualcomm engineers in threat modelling and risk assessment. I am also the team lead for the Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC protocols team; we are tasked with working with developers to ensure a secure implementation of these protocols.

Prior to joining Qualcom, I was a lecturer and reader in information security in the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London. The role was roughly equivalent to a US associate professor. I obtained my doctorate in combinatorial design theory and then switched to the study of mathematical cryptography, which is my primary research interest, although I have secondary research interests in combinatorial design theory and orgainsational security management. More information on my research is available here.

During my time in the Information Security Group, I developed and taught courses in Standards and Evaluation Criteria (for the M.Sc. in Information Security) and in Complexity Theory (for the M.Sc. in the Mathematics of Cryptography and Communications). I also supervised the doctoral theses of Dr. James Birkett and Dr. Wei Zhang, as well as more than thirty master's degree dissertations.

Industrial experience summary:
  • Staff Engineer and Manager in Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
  • Team lead for the threat modelling team with responsibilities for training developers in threat modelling and risk assessment.
  • Team lead for the Bluetooth, WiFi and NFC team with resonsibilities for secure implementation of these protocols in software and hardware.
Research summary:
  • World-class researcher in mathematical cryptography with over thirty research papers published in journals and conferences (here).
  • Co-editor of a research-level textbook on signcryption technologies.
  • Extensive experience of public-key algorithm design and analysis including eight years as a UK expert on the ISO/IEC technical committee for cryptography.
  • Secondary research interest in organisational security management.
Teaching summary:
  • Eight years experience as a lecturer in both campus-based and online teaching scenarios, including syllabus design experience.
  • Co-author of a post-graduate-level textbook on standardised cryptographic technologies.
  • Former Ph.D. students: Wei Zhang, James Birkett.
Postal address:
Qualcomm Product Security Initiative (QPSI)
5775 Morehouse Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

Tel no.: +1 858 845 6634

E-mail: adent(at)